Get to Know Us!

In this life, there are groups of people who are like ships. Floating around the harbor of life, thinking they will just drift off to some sunny shore by chance, and all will be fine.

Then there is another group.

An #ELITE group of individuals who understand a ship can not leave the harbor without a map and a destination to reach.

These people set a course and GO. No matter the size of the waves or distance that needs to be traveled. They continue the course, knowing they will reach their #destination.

-We here at @eliteteaminternationalco live by this vision. The design we seeked @quietgiantdesign to create for us symbolizes what we hold true to a life worth living.

The E stands for #ELITE.

The #COMPASS represents the fact that we all know exactly where we are going in #life. We have #DIRECTION.

The #ANCHOR represents planting down at that beautiful island we see in our #vision of the life we want.